Great Deals on Our Mother/Daughter Shopping Day ║ Large Family Shop with Me Vlog │ August 2017 7 months ago

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Eden tagged along for this shopping trip. Today we've skipped the online Walmart order and are picking everything up in the store. For some reason we didn't need much and only spent a total of $400. This month had an extra Wednesday so we ran out of paper towels and toilet paper before the shopping day. We picked up a lot of school supplies on clearance which was great! We're starting back to school in 3 weeks and we were able to pick up our supplies super cheap. We also stopped at Office Depot to pick up new binders for everyone and we made a stop at Teacher's Corner to do some browsing. We also walked through Dollar Tree and picked up a few things. We were amazed that the lady in the checkout ahead of us spent $180 at Dollar Tree!

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